Your Neighborhood Fix

North Coast Coffee

Covid Practices Protecting Each Other:

Masks for us and you. Lobby closed.  Drive thru window open.

Gloves-We wear gloves for money handling.  We handle cups and lids with clean hands.

Sorry, we are not accepting your own mugs or cups at this time! This saves us time (hand washing after touching) the environment (less water, hand sanitizer or one-use gloves) and money. Thank you.

Gloves that touch money are not used to handle cups, lids or to assist with drink preparation. Gloves are worn for ready to eat foods (on tongs) and for ice cream handling. This is the case regardless of Covid and is our common practice.

Disinfecting-We disinfect all surfaces, including door handles in our lobby and in the back of the house every hour, and tables inside and out, after each customer use.

Handwashing-All employees wash hands on arrival and throughout the day as is our common practice.

Social distancing-At this time our lobby is open but restricted to 10 people. Unrelated customers should sit 6 feet away from each other.