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​Sunday                               7 am  - 5 pm

Monday --Saturday            6:30  - 5 pm


​​Phone: 715-373-0241

Try our popular  "Malted Affogato," 

taking espresso and ice cream to another level!

Great Food!


Located in downtown Washburn, WI, North Coast Coffee is a cozy, inviting coffee shop offering Fair-Trade and organic coffees, espresso drinks, teas, smoothies, fresh made sandwiches,  pastries and year round Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream! 

North Coast Coffee

Your Neighborhood Fix

 Year Round Ice cream!!.

March Only.

Chocolate Fudge Mint Cheesecake

NEW!! Box Lunches--$5.00

            Grab & Go

1. 1/2 Turkey Pesto, Three Bean          Salad, Oatmeal-Raisin Cookie

2. 1/2 Ham Pesto, Vintage-recipe        Waldorf Salad, Peanut Butter          Cookie

3. 1/2 Roast Beef Pesto, Grape            Salad, Macadamia Nut Cookie